The Ryder Cup

A tale of two continents

The clamour of the crowd and stakes at play make The Ryder Cup a special event that puts some of the finest players to the test.

Inaugurated in 1927, The Ryder Cup is one of the most watched sporting events in the world. Every two years, this team competition pits Europe against the United States. It is contested alternately on each continent and features some of the world’s best golfers, with experienced players and younger talent going head-to-head, each team led by former champions acting as non-playing captains.


In this transatlantic duel, team spirit, intergenerational solidarity and camaraderie are paramount.

Greatest golfers

The Ryder Cup features the best golfers from both sides of the Atlantic.

The trophy

Team spirit

The unique concept of The Ryder Cup – three days of competition, pairs and singles match-ups, no prize money – creates a spirit of camaraderie and cooperation that transcends the usual rivalries of golf’s professional circuit. The Ryder Cup unites players and fans in the same passionate support of a team, creating an ambience unlike any other in the game.

Rolex has supported The Ryder Cup since 1995.

Justin Thomas

That’s why I turned pro, that’s why I’ve gotten here – to be playing in a Ryder Cup and to have those experiences. If you’re never getting that moment, you never learn.

Justin Thomas