Perpetual Planet Initiative

Perpetual Planet

Working for the future of the planet

As the 21st century unfolds, exploration for pure discovery has given way to exploration as a means to preserve the natural world. Rolex continues the legacy of its founder, supporting the explorers of today on their new mission: to make the planet perpetual.

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From the deepest oceans to the highest peaks

They are explorers, scientists, entrepreneurs or citizens committed to the common good. They explore our world to study and protect ecosystems.

They take concrete action to find solutions to today’s challenges. They inspire future generations to guarantee the future of our planet. Rolex stands alongside them through its Perpetual Planet Initiative.

    Preserving the natural world

    Projects to protect our Planet

    We, at Rolex, support those who go above and beyond to safeguard and preserve our Perpetual Planet for the next generations.

    Projects to protect our planet

    Perpetual Planet Initiative

    Rolex provides support across a great many areas and ecosystems.