Perpetual Planet

From the deepest oceans to the highest peaks

They are explorers, scientists, entrepreneurs or citizens committed to the common good. They explore our world to study and protect ecosystems.

They take concrete action to find solutions to today's challenges. They inspire future generations to guarantee the future of our planet. Rolex stands alongside them through its Perpetual Planet Initiative.

Today, Rolex provides support across a great many areas and ecosystems. The major expeditions conducted in partnership with the National Geographic Society serve to observe and protect biodiversity.

Mount Logan expedition

The 160 Laureates of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise have developed innovative projects on every continent.

With more than 155 Hope Spots, Mission Blue is contributing to the global aim of safeguarding 30% of the Ocean's surface area by 2030.

Many other prominent figures and organizations committed to environmental conservation worldwide are supported by the Rolex Perpetual Planet Initiative.

Tompkins conservation

Rewilding Argentina and Rewilding Chile, offspring organizations of the Tompkins Conservation Foundation protect landscapes in South America.


The Under The Pole expeditions are pushing back the boundaries of underwater exploration.

Underwater exploration

The Great Spine of Africa Project explores the continents's major river basins. Coral Gardeners transplants resilient corals to reefs. One Ocean Foundation protects the habitat of marine mammals in the Mediterranean.

The Monaco Blue Initiative annual forum works to preserve marine environments. Photographers, Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen, raise public awareness of environmental issues.