Excellence in the making

Since its creation in 1905, Rolex has been on a quest which assembles the skills of many and requires arduous work, day after day, year after year. A demanding, rigorous and perpetual endeavour. The quest for excellence.

The vision of Hans Wilsdorf, founder of Rolex

To follow our founder Hans Wilsdorf’s vision, we continue to bring our assistance to the trailblazers amongst us. The men and women who, in their own time, made their mark and continue to do so in ours. The decades of experience garnered at their wrists never cease to inspire our work as watchmakers. Inside our workshops, where we conceive all our timepieces, each of them is tested at every step of manufacturing so as to adhere to our superlative standards.

It requires a great amount of time but, to us, the best can and must always be made better. Hence, we improve the waterproofness of our products by constantly defying new depths. We bolster their robustness by refining our mastery of materials and production methods. We improve their precision and autonomy by ceaselessly inventing new generations of movements.

Integrated know-how for integral expertise

Even so, our will to constantly push limits would be in vain were it not for our autonomy. It is by integrating every know-how and consistently perfecting them that we were able to create our own rules and superlative standards. Standards which we then only aim to surpass and set higher still, always.

Unique, reliable and rare

We are lifting the veil on parts of our know-how in the hope you may grasp what makes a Rolex truly unique. Its superlative quality. Its rarity. Its unwavering reliability, in any circumstance. For each Rolex watch is the quintessential expression of what we strive to achieve, perpetually: watchmaking excellence at the service of human accomplishments.


Rolex Watchmaking Know-how

Excellence in the making