Australian open

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Melbourne: The first act in a season of Grand Slam® drama

The first tournament in the Grand Slam® calendar, the Australian Open is like a fresh start, as key ranking points are there for the taking on the men’s (ATP) and women’s (WTA) tours at the turn of the new year.

The tournament has been played in January since 1987. After the off-season, athletes return refreshed and reinvigorated to a friendly atmosphere.

The finals are contested at the Rod Laver Arena, the Melbourne Park complex’s central court, in front of almost 15,000 spectators.

Roger Federer

Rolex has been the Official Timekeeper of the Australian Open since 2008.

Centre court

Rod Laver
Inspiring the generations

Rolex Testimonee Rod Laver has been a role model and inspiration for generations of tennis players at all levels. The Australian was a pivotal figure during a major shift in the sport: the transition from the amateur to the professional era in 1968.

Rod Laver statue

Roger Federer says of his universally admired predecessor: “It’s also not just what he achieved, but also the way he carries himself. He’s humble, and he never takes himself too seriously.”

They conquered the Australian Open