Oyster Bracelet

Oyster Bracelet

How fitting

This is our Oyster bracelet, with its unique and exceedingly robust three-piece links. It is the mark of foundational values and alliances found in all our work. Those of function and form, rigour and fluidity, comfort and elegance.

Developed in the late 1930s, it epitomizes the original intuition of Hans Wilsdorf, who foresaw the wristwatch as a tool capable to meet the complexities of an increasingly modern world. Rolex did not only develop watch calibres which surpassed the standards of watchmaking. It created new ones for the bracelet and gave it its own identity and language. Hence, the Oyster bracelet does not simply adapt to one’s movement. It carries its own.

Oyster BraceletOyster Bracelet


A notch further

This is our Rolex Glidelock extension system. Introduced in 2008 and patented, it enables some of our bracelets to be adjusted up to approximately 15 or 20 mm, notch by notch, without tools. The rack is discreetly housed under the cover of our dive watches’ clasps and as of those equipped with our Oysterflex bracelet.

Because it is often impossible to foresee the sudden changes in our environment, being able to adapt most precisely, to the notch, can prove a valuable advantage. The Rolex Glidelock makes that possible in a few ways. Beyond its simplicity of use, the extension mechanisms are an important focus of the brand’s expertise. To us, a watch is conceived as an ensemble in which the bracelet plays a predominant role. Our specialists have designed this incremental system to offer the wearer greater latitude, in whatever direction. And then, the freedom to take it yet another notch further.



Perfectly adjusted

This is our rapid extension system, Easylink, patented in 1996. Concealed under the clasp, this system makes it easy to adjust the length of the bracelet by about 5 mm. It only takes a single move to unclip this extra link, or to clip it back.

Five millimetres may not seem like much. Yet in certain circumstances it is the difference between a “fitted” bracelet and a “perfectly fitted” one. This innovation confirms that, at Rolex, perfection in the art of wear is never reached, but pursued perpetually. After all, fit is a matter of timing. And the Easylink system offers an effective solution to ensure continued comfort in all situations of everyday life. A few precious extra millimetres, because it is often through the most minute adjustments that excellence can be nearly approached.



In-depth action

Introducing the Fliplock, one of our bracelet extension systems, consisting of three folding blades. Concealed under the clasp’s cover, they are specifically destined for the Oyster bracelet of our deep-diving watch, the Oyster Perpetual Deepsea Challenge.

They enable the watchband’s length to be increased by approximately 26 mm. Complementing the Rolex Glidelock, this additional extension makes the watch adaptable to a wetsuit up to 7 mm thick. Thanks to the Fliplock, it is possible to wear the watch in all circumstances. It is a time-saving feature which limits necessary manipulations in extreme environments to a minimum. With a single gesture, the wearer is provided with more flexibility and amplitude of movement, inviting them to push beyond limits. When the elements dictate their conditions, comfort is agreeable. But decisive action and broad moves are paramount.

Oysterflex bracelet


Unyielding suppleness

This is our signature Oysterflex bracelet, introduced in 2015 on the Yacht-Master 37. Its unfailing resistance is the product of two supple metal blades, overmoulded with a high-performance elastomer: an innovation designed to answer the constraints specific to some of our Professional watches.

It combines robustness and flexibility to reach unparalleled levels of comfort. Pairing this technical bracelet with watch cases in 18 ct gold may surprise. While, aesthetically, the Oysterflex bracelet is a step in a new direction, technically, it moves further ahead of the rest. Its resistance properties match the superlative qualities of our watches. So do the cushions laid beneath it, making the watch incomparably comfortable. The Oysterflex is yet more proof that our expertise in watch straps and bracelets is one we cherish just as much as the one we apply to the creation of our calibres. After all, how could our watches defy time itself without their bracelets being able to resist it?

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