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Fluted bezel

Fluted bezel

Brilliant like no other

This is our famous fluted bezel. A brilliant creation in many regards. Presented on our Oyster in 1926, it is remarkable first and foremost for its original design, which enabled it to be screwed tightly to the case, thus completing the waterproofness of the watch.

Since 1953, however, it has been fixed on the watch by friction-fitting. One may wonder, then, why we keep it and even sharpen its distinctive geometry? The answer is simple. While it once was merely an element among others repelling dust and water, it now lives to uniquely reflect even the slightest ray of light. Exclusively fashioned in 18 ct gold or 950 platinum, we have enhanced its fluting and finish with no less passion than that we devoted to its functional purpose. Whether at a glance or in mere reflection, all instantly recognize it as our distinctive signature feature.

Fluted Bezel
Ring command bezel

Ring command Yacht-Master II

A winning start

This is the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II’s Ring Command. Released in 2007, this unique feature enables the wearer to activate and lock the programming of the countdown with mechanical memory simply by using the bezel.

The Yacht-Master II is the only regatta chronograph to be equipped with this mechanism. It offers an exclusive system of interaction between the bezel, the winding crown and the movement. Fitted with a Cerachrom insert in blue ceramic, the bidirectional rotatable bezel, with its elegant nautical design, is one of the most emblematic features of the Yacht-Master II. This watch enables skippers to stay one step ahead, always. Anticipating the starting line’s crossing up to 10 minutes in advance, allowing them to begin the race before it even starts. Almost as if navigating time itself.

Ring command bezel

Ring command Sky-Dweller

In sync with the world

This is the Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller’s Ring Command system. Presented in 2012, this patented innovation creates a synergy between the bezel, the winding crown and the calibre of the watch. By turning the bidirectional fluted bezel, the wearer can easily select a function to set, before adjusting it using the winding crown.

At 12 o’clock, the neutral position. At 11 o’clock, the calendar. At 10 o’clock, the local time and at 9 o’clock, the reference time. No matter the time of day or night, setting it is an easy task. Even when it comes to adjusting the annual calendar, Saros, exclusive to the Sky-Dweller. With a simple move, the Ring Command system gives one the means to accommodate all complex variables of any journey to the rhythm of their own life. From one layover to the other and one time zone to the next. Always setting off towards new horizons.

Ring command Bezel

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