A valuable tool watch


A technical and elegant watch, the Yacht-Master is a reliable nautical instrument on the wrist.

Its graduated bidirectional bezel allows for precise measurement and reading of time intervals when navigating. This tool watch benefits from innovations that improve its legibility and wearers’ comfort in all circumstances.

Graduated bidirectional bezel
Precision and legibility on the wrist

Bezel shadow
Black Ceramic Bezel
Bezel shadow
Everose gold bezel
Bezel shadow
Platinum bezel
Bezel shadow
Yellow gold bezel
Cerachrom bezel

The bidirectional bezel with raised 60-minute graduations is a key feature of the Yacht-Master. Entirely crafted in precious metal – 18 ct Everose gold or 950 platinum – or fitted with a black Cerachrom bezel insert in high-technology ceramic, it is an essential part of the watch’s identity.

With its polished markers and numerals, which stand out clearly from the matt surface, the bezel guarantees optimal reading of time intervals, for example, the sailing time between two buoys. Furthermore, the detailed graduation of the first 15 minutes offers extra precision when reading navigational time.

The bidirectional rotating mechanism relies on a ring bearing 120 notches for precise and fluid adjustment to the nearest half-minute. Lastly, the bezel has a knurled edge, making it easy to manipulate in all conditions.

Gold, Rolesor and Rolesium
Precious alloys and exclusive combinations

Rolex gold is an intrinsic part of the Yacht-Master’s identity: 18 ct yellow, white or Everose gold are comprised of 750‰ pure gold and blends of silver, copper and palladium. They are all entirely created and cast in our own foundry.

The Yacht-Master in 18 ct Everose gold is available in two diameters: 37 mm and 40 mm. Each of these versions is also available with a diamond-paved dial. The 18 ct yellow gold and 18 ct white gold versions are reserved for the Yacht-Master 42.

Rolex gold is also combined with Oystersteel – a particularly corrosion-resistant alloy – for the Everose Rolesor versions of the Yacht-Master 37 and Yacht-Master 40. They combine a bezel and centre links in Everose gold with a middle case, winding crown, case back and outer links in Oystersteel.

The Yacht-Master 37 and the Yacht-Master 40 are also available in Rolesium versions, an alliance of platinum and steel. They combine a platinum bezel with a middle case, winding crown, case back and bracelet in Oystersteel.

RLX titanium
Robustness and lightness

RLX titanium made its first appearance in the Yacht-Master range in 2023. The grade 5 titanium alloy selected by Rolex is a particularly lightweight metal and is noted for its mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. Its use for the Yacht-Master 42’s case and bracelet has reduced the weight of the watch by around a third compared to a similar watch in steel. RLX titanium is complex to work with and has required the introduction of special production processes.

The combination of polished, high-sheen and technical satin finishes illustrates our excellence in machining and finishing techniques. Together, they produce a subtle blend of textures and light, setting off the gleaming polished surface of the crown guard and the lustrous high-sheen on the top edges of the lugs against the matt of the technical satin finishing – with its pronounced grain – visible on the rest of the case and bracelet.

RLX Titanium

Bracelets, clasps and extension systems
Comfort and security on the wrist

The Oysterflex bracelet was first introduced in 2015 on the Yacht-Master 37 and Yacht-Master 40 in 18 ct Everose gold. Its innovative design meets the specific requirements of sports watches.
Developed by Rolex and patented, it combines the robustness and reliability of a metal bracelet with the flexibility, comfort and aesthetics of an elastomer strap. It is made up of two flexible curved metal blades – one in each bracelet section – overmoulded with high-performance black elastomer.
Resistant to external aggressions, non-allergenic and highly durable, our Oysterflex bracelet is also equipped with cushions on its inner sides, for optimum comfort. On the Yacht-Master, it is equipped with the Oysterlock safety clasp, which prevents accidental opening.
Rolex Glidelock
The length of the bracelet may be adjusted via the Rolex Glidelock extension system. Developed by the brand and patented, this toothed mechanism is built into the clasp and allows for fine adjustment of the bracelet without tools.
The Rolex Glidelock on the Oysterflex bracelet has six notches of approximately 2.5 mm, allowing the bracelet length to be adjusted easily, up to some 15 mm.
Oyster Bracelet
The Rolesium and Everose Rolesor versions of the Yacht-Master 37 and Yacht-Master 40, as well as the Yacht-Master 42 in RLX titanium, are equipped with our Oyster bracelet.
Developed in the late 1930s, this metal bracelet remains the most universal in the Oyster Perpetual collection. With its rows of three-piece links, it combines comfort and robustness. On Everose Rolesor versions, the centre links are in precious metal and the outer links are in Oystersteel.
The Yacht-Master’s Oyster bracelet is equipped with our Easylink rapid extension system integrated beneath the cover of the Oysterlock clasp. For instant comfort, the system allows the length of the bracelet to be easily adjusted by approximately 5 mm using an unfolding and folding link.
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Chromalight display and Cyclops lens
For optimal legibility

Equipped with the Chromalight display and the Cyclops lens, the Yacht-Master combines two exclusive Rolex features that improve legibility.

The Chromalight display provides optimum legibility, whatever the light conditions. The luminescent material is applied by experts to the hands and the large hour markers which have simple shapes (triangle, circle and rectangle) that are characteristic of Rolex professional watches. Brilliant white in daylight, this material emits an intense blue glow in the dark.

Introduced in 2008, the Chromalight display was optimized in 2021 to maintain the intensity of the blue glow for longer. The performance of this luminescent substance clearly exceeds the standards required by watchmaking norms.

Designed to improve the readability of the date thanks to its magnifying effect, the Cyclops lens is both an aesthetic and technical signature of the brand. This Rolex invention was patented in the early 1950s. Like the crystal of the watch, it is made of virtually scratchproof sapphire and benefits from a double anti-reflective coating.


Calibres 3235 and 2236
Superlative performance

Calibre 3225
The Yacht-Master 40 and Yacht-Master 42 are equipped with calibre 3235. Entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex, this self-winding mechanical movement is particularly precise and reliable.

Carrying a number of patents, our calibre 3235 is fitted with the Parachrom hairspring and the Chronergy escapement, both of which are resistant to strong magnetic fields. It also boasts Paraflex shock absorbers, which protect the oscillator from impact.

The Yacht-Master 40 and Yacht-Master 42 are certified Superlative Chronometers that offer excellent performance, particularly in terms of precision (-2/+2 seconds per day) and autonomy (approximately 70 hours).
Calibre 2236
The Yacht-Master 37 is driven by calibre 2236. Entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex, this self-winding mechanical movement with date function provides superlative performance where precision, autonomy, user comfort and reliability are concerned.

Fitted with Paraflex shock absorbers and sporting a power reserve of approximately 55 hours, our calibre 2236 is equipped with the Syloxi hairspring in silicon. This patented hairspring offers great stability in the face of temperature variations as well as increased resistance to shocks and strong magnetic fields. Its specific geometry ensures the regularity of its movement in any position. Like all Rolex watches, the Yacht-Master 37 is certified as a Superlative Chronometer.