Mastering travel time

The Oyster Perpetual Sky‑Dweller was designed for those continually travelling the globe. Featuring our Saros annual calendar and Ring Command system, it simultaneously indicates two time zones, as well as the date and month, and allows them to be adjusted with one simple gesture. Since its creation in 2012, the Sky‑Dweller has been an invaluable tool for avoiding the pitfalls of time differences and making it possible to plan ahead. With this technical and elegant watch, wherever you travel, you are in sync with the world.

Crossing meridians as if they were invisible borders.


A perpetual journey

Featuring an intuitive and revolutionary system to adjust the functions, the Sky-Dweller meets the needs of those moving from one time zone to another. While displaying the local time using the central hands, its dial presents a 24-hour graduated off-centre rotating disc, making it possible to read the time in a second time zone or reference time. Date and month, hours, minutes, seconds and second time zone: all these features, visible at a glance, are essential points of reference for world travellers.

Immensely innovative, the Sky‑Dweller combines mechanical sophistication with an original display.


The alchemy of complexity and simplicity

Specially developed for the Sky‑Dweller, our patented Saros annual calendar is a key element in the model’s identity. The name of this mechanism, with its innovative design, is inspired by the Greek term denoting the cycle of lunar and solar eclipses. The Saros calendar requires only one date adjustment a year, when February turns to March. It is intuitive and simple to read. The current month is indicated in red in one of the dozen windows that punctuate the hour markers around the circumference of the dial.

An emblematic design, an exclusive feature.


Time under control

Reflecting the sun’s rays at the slightest movement of the wrist with its multiple facets, the fluted bezel – a signature aesthetic of some of our Classic watches – is given an exclusive function here with the Ring Command system. This mechanical device offers easy access to the Sky-Dweller’s settings. Thanks to the interaction between the rotatable bezel, winding crown and movement, it is possible to choose the functions and set them rapidly and securely. Simply turn the bezel counterclockwise to choose, notch by notch, the calendar – date and month, the local or reference time – before adjusting them with the crown.


See the world in a new light, in every place and time.

Staying a step ahead

The Sky-Dweller is an elegant, technically sophisticated watch. It is aimed at those who see the world as a single territory, without borders, in which barriers disappear. It allows travellers to avoid the pitfalls of time differences and always stay one step ahead. From the moment they disembark, they are ready to start new ventures.

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