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Rolex and Yachting

Rolex and Yachting

World of Rolex

Yacht racing is a test of will and wit in which crucial decisions are made with split-second precision. Preparation is rigorous and team spirit is paramount. Rolex has forged a privileged relationship with prestigious regattas as well as exciting yachtsmen and women, sharing the values inherent in every sailor.

Yacht Racing


Rolex and yachting

628 sleepless miles. The crew have no time for rest. The end of each day heralds the same mantra: just make it through the night unscathed. Iron-willed, and hardened by wind and waves, they battle the black, undulating expanse. These men were made for the sea.

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup


Rolex and yachting

Sailing has an elegance that difficult, harsh conditions cannot obscure. Along the Sardinian coastline, commanding yachts cut through the Mediterranean with agility and apparent ease. But the tranquil scene belies this event, for it's a competition where the crews are out to win.



Rolex and yachting

To sailors around the world, the Rolex Swan Cup is one of the pearls of the Mediterranean yachting calendar. Marked by the impressive presence of Swan yachts, highly competitive racing and a spirit of fair play, this biennial regatta off the coast of Sardinia attracts the world’s top yachting talent. Elegance, precision, innovation, respect for tradition and excellence have united Rolex, yacht builder Nautor’s Swan and the race organizers, the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, in a partnership that stretches back more than 30 years.

Rolex Swan Cup
Rolex Fastnet Race


Rolex and yachting

High winds, soaking spray, the percussive thump of a hull carving through rough seas. These are the things that get a sailor's adrenaline going, but the Celtic Sea and its temperamental weather patterns offer far more. With the Fastnet Rock a turning point, there's still another 200 miles to the finish of the Rolex Fastnet Race. Held every two years, it's one of the ultimate tests of a sailor's responsiveness, endurance, technical skills and nerve. It's why the race is a pilgrimage for so many, and why every victory is a legend in the making.

Rolex and sea racing


Rolex and yachting

The Rolex Farr® 40 Worlds represent the pinnacle of one-design yacht racing, where victory is purely down to the skill of the sailors. In a championship where yacht owners must skipper their own craft, and the rules require that the boats and total weight be equal, each crew must work together perfectly, ready to exploit the slightest opportunity the wind and sea provide. Winning can hinge on a mere split second – something the ocean can give or take away in an instant.

Rolex Farr 40 World Championship
Rolex and sailing

Yacht-Master II

The Oyster Perpetual

The Yacht-Master II is designed to meet the needs of professional sailors. This regatta chronograph features the world's first programmable countdown with a mechanical memory. It provides precise synchronization with the crucial starting sequence of a yacht race.