Our sustainability culture

Since its creation, the principles of sustainability have underpinned our brand’s development:

Rolex itself and its watches are built to last, with a laser focus on quality in the pursuit of longevity. A durable and timeless product is at the centre of the Perpetual philosophy, namely long-term commitment and the quest for excellence.

We guarantee the best maintenance and repair options for our watches thanks to our World Service, with the goal of providing a first-rate servicing over time. We also offer the option of purchasing certified second-hand watches, complete with guarantees, with the aim of preserving, maintaining and assuring what is already in existence.

Throughout our history, we have constantly improved our watches, which can be distinguished in particular by their green seal – the symbol of their quality and longevity. Today’s new models come with a five-year guarantee, while two years are included for older models.

Longevity guaranteed

Rolex watches are designed to last. For this reason, since our beginnings, we have always offered a unique, forward-thinking World Service to ensure our products last as long as we claim they will.

This underlying insistence on quality has allowed us to guarantee, from the very start, that all our watches are expertly serviced and that their full performance is preserved over time. Because every Rolex watch is designed to fulfil its functions in the long term, to be passed down from one generation to the next, and to live several lives.

Rolex workshop
Explorer II

Supporting circularity

To preserve, maintain and guarantee pre-existing products, we strive to support the second life of our watches already circulating on the market. This approach reflects the Perpetual philosophy: the tireless pursuit of excellence and a long-term commitment to future generations.

We launched the Rolex Certified Pre-Owned programme to offer the chance to purchase, from official retailers, certified second-hand models that are guaranteed by the brand. These watches benefit from all the quality criteria and standards that characterize Rolex products, and come with an international two-year guarantee when they are resold within our distribution network.