Very early on, we expressed a desire to be involved in improving living conditions all over the world, and to support the field of arts and culture.

For nearly a century, we have been supporting expeditions to the highest summits and deepest oceans in all four corners of the world, presenting us with the ideal terrain and conditions in which to put our watches to the test. But discovery itself is no longer the crucial component of this exploration. Over the years, the links between our brand and exploration have changed, and the desire to discover has been joined by a commitment to protecting the planet.

Our Perpetual Planet Initiative strengthens this long-term support for those seeking to understand today’s environmental issues and proposing solutions to tackle them.


Mission Blue

Approximately 150

Hope Spots created

57.5 million km²

of marine surface area
protected by Hope Spots

David Doubilet

27,000 hours

spent underwater to observe
the beauty and fragility of the oceans

Ocean X

90,000 km²

of ocean floor mapped

Emma Camp

Over 85,000

corals repopulated to the Great Barrier Reef

For over fifty years, we have also been associated with some of the most talented international artists and prestigious cultural institutions, celebrating excellence and perpetually enriching our artistic heritage, building bridges between the past, present and future.

Through our Perpetual Arts Initiative, bringing together all of our partners from the worlds of music, architecture and cinema, and thanks to the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative, we confirm our long-standing commitment to arts and culture worldwide. We make a sustainable contribution to each of these disciplines, which help to shape our understanding of the world and our quality of life. With this aim in mind, we encourage artistic excellence and skills transfer from one generation to the next.

Perpetual Planet

Our Perpetual Planet Initiative

We have provided our support to a wide variety of tangible, localized projects run by leading figures with a diverse set of profiles – scientists, explorers, conservationists, humanitarian entrepreneurs – who are putting forward solutions to overcome the global challenges the world is facing.

For over half a century, the affinity we historically share with the world of exploration has encouraged us to strengthen our partnerships with figures and organizations that are committed to understanding and preserving the planet.

Since 2019, all these efforts have been united under the banner of the Perpetual Planet Initiative, and are structured around three key undertakings: explore, act and inspire.

Our Rolex Awards for Enterprise

The Rolex Awards for Enterprise are a unique way of supporting these actions. Since 1976, they have been helping exceptional individuals all over the world to tackle the planet’s major challenges. Applications to the awards are open to those initiating innovative projects intended to improve life on Earth and expand the frontiers of knowledge.

Oumarou Ibrahim

Our Perpetual Arts Initiative

With the Perpetual Arts Initiative, which nurtures an ever-changing cultural landscape, we aim to inspire future generations, encourage excellence and pass on a passion for the arts. By supporting prestigious institutions and major cultural events in the fields of architecture, cinema and music, we provide a helping hand to gifted artists who are relentlessly reinventing their discipline.

The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative

The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative has a special role within the Perpetual Arts Initiative. It advocates a unique, trailblazing vision of mentorship that is altruistic, generous and global, and which plays a genuine role in promoting excellence and innovation in the arts.