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We are a responsible and committed manufacturer of sustainable products.

In line with our high quality standards, sense of innovation and values of excellence, we take tangible action to promote sustainability.

We are a company that acts responsibly in the operation of its industrial activities. Long-term vision is at the heart of our philosophy, and our various activities are centred around innovation so that we may rise to the challenges of tomorrow. Our high standards and quest for excellence mean that we are constantly perfecting our watches and ensuring our watchmaking know-how is passed on, just as we are continuously improving our environmental and social performance by measuring our impact.

We manufacture durable products while implementing best practices, both within our business and along our entire value chain.

We create products that are designed to last, and which can be maintained for life. We do everything within our power to control our consumption of energy, natural resources and raw materials. We are also reducing our emissions of pollutants as much as possible. In addition, we ensure that the highest standards are applied in terms of traceability. In all areas – from our supply and manufacturing to distribution – we take action along our entire value chain in order to reduce its environmental and social impacts.

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We build long-term relationships with our employees, partners and customers, in an approach that is based on respect, trust and transparency.

Good governance and ethics guide our industrial and commercial activities, as well as dialogue with our stakeholders. We carry out all of our different activities with respect for our employees, partners and customers, with a view to inspiring a collective commitment to sustainability. We ensure the wellbeing, health and safety of our employees and encourage diversity and inclusion. At company level, we act for current and future generations by paying particular attention to continuing professional development and learning. We also guide and support our suppliers, service providers and official retailers in their actions to promote sustainable development, and guarantee that our customers receive reliable and durable products of the highest possible quality.

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We help protect the planet and we act for future generations.

For several decades, through our Perpetual Planet Initiative, we have been supporting individuals and institutions who are committed to the environment and are finding solutions in the face of today’s challenges. We do so with the constant goal of preserving the planet for future generations. As a corporate citizen, we also work for the common good through a number of charitable activities, in Switzerland and around the world.