The Oscars® ceremony: a unique celebration of excellence, inspiration and technical genius it takes to make a masterpiece.

The highlight of the film season

Since 2017, Rolex has been Proud Sponsor of the Oscars® ceremony held at the Dolby® Theatre, Hollywood. Telecast live in more than 200 territories worldwide, this unique event does more than celebrate cinema: year after year it helps shape the landscape of cinema worldwide.

Celebrating excellence

The Oscars® ceremony represents infinitely more than a recognition by one’s peers. It celebrates inspiration and emotion as well as the production process, the technical expertise and all else that goes into the making of a film. To borrow a favourite expression of Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf, it is an ode to “a work done handsomely”. Cinema is at once an art, a science and an industry, and the Oscars® ceremony shines a light on every one of its facets.

Because it rewards the achievements and efforts of teams who strive for excellence, the Oscars® ceremony embraces the values that Rolex holds as its own.

Rolex and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: A historic partnership highlighted by excellence

In 2017, Rolex became a partner to the film industry’s highest authority, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The founding preoccupations which brought them together are a shared belief in excellence, in fostering talent, in encouraging progress, and in the importance of passing knowledge to future generations.

Rolex became the Exclusive Watch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Proud Sponsor of the Oscars®, and Exclusive Sponsor of the Governors Awards. Rolex is also a Founding Supporter of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures which opened in Los Angeles in September 2021.

Rolex is Exclusive Sponsor of the Governors Awards, which honour valued individuals for lifetime achievements in film.

Rolex and the Oscars® Greenroom

Rolex is the official host of the Greenroom, the antechamber of the Oscars®. Nominees and presenters gather inside this lounge before and after stepping onto the stage at the Oscars® ceremony, some returning with a coveted statuette.

Each year, Rolex develops a unique immersive experience and a new decor for the Greenroom. The 2022 edition of this space pays tribute to legendary Hollywood movies and celebrates the coming-together of cinema and the art of watchmaking.

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