James Cameron

James Cameron, Filmmaker and Explorer

Rolex and cinema

Pushing creative ambition always further and taking on the most audacious technical challenges are his forte. Director, screenwriter, producer and explorer James Cameron is a Rolex Testimonee.

James Cameron: exploring film, filming exploration

The work of James Cameron is part dream, part adventure and demonstrates his passion for innovation. Though a multiple Oscar-winning director, he has never put aside his other passion: exploration. James Cameron’s two facets are woven together in each of his exploits and each of his films.

An exacting storyteller with a deeply technical bent, he has proven an ability to captivate any type of audience. Masterful even in the most ambitious productions, James Cameron has a way with pressure and always succeeds in putting his inspiration first. Hence perfecting his vision, expanding his knowledge and enriching his art.

“Imagination is a force that can actually manifest a reality. Don’t put limitations on yourself. Others will do that for you.”

Twenty-three years after The Abyss, he descended alone to the bottom of the Mariana Trench ― at a depth of 10,908 metres ― inside the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER, a submersible of his own design.

With Titanic in 1997, he transformed our collective image of a rusting ship carcass on the floor of the North Atlantic Ocean into that of a newly launched behemoth cutting through the waves off Southampton. Four years later, he dived 3,700 metres to the wreck site of the original Titanic, to film a documentary, Ghosts of the Abyss.

From remarkable dives to 3D reconstructions, James Cameron endlessly pushes the boundaries of human, technical and artistic achievement. He works tirelessly to find solutions to the most complex challenges with the aim of reinventing the art of filmmaking. Audiences have welcomed Titanic, Avatar and Terminator as monuments in film history, whose legacy far outweighs mere box-office success.

“Your only competitors are your past achievements.”

James Cameron is about to reveal the sequel to Avatar with Avatar II: The Way of Water. It sets a new artistic and technical benchmark and brings renewed proof of the director’s perpetual quest for excellence.

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