Los Angeles finally has its museum of motion pictures. Inaugurated in 2021, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is one of the newest institutions dedicated to cinema. Rolex is among its founding supporters.

A temple to cinema

Inaugurated in September 2021 in the world’s film capital, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is a must-see for all those passionate about film.

It is the largest museum dedicated to filmmaking in the United States. Located on Los Angeles’ Miracle Mile, the museum is immediately recognizable by its glass dome, designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Renzo Piano who also fully renovated the 28,000-square metre building. Inside are over 4,500 square metres of gallery space for temporary and permanent exhibitions, two film theatres including the 1,000-seat David Geffen Theater, an educational studio and areas for public events and ceremonies.

Rolex is invested in the preservation of legacy and the transmission of expertise.

Rolex: Founding Supporter of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

As a Founding Supporter of the museum, Rolex reaffirms its commitment to spotlighting talent, fostering excellence, safeguarding legacy and ensuring that knowledge and skills are passed on to future generations.

By shining a light on the past, present and future of film, the museum plunges visitors into the unique world of cinema, through original exhibitions, screenings, publications, educational programmes and exceptional collections.

The museum displays a vast selection of objects relating to film production and film technology, presenting the diverse, international and complex stories of moviemakers and the works they create. Among the hundreds of objects on display are the sole surviving shark made from the original Jaws mold and items evoking directors from Alfred Hitchcock to Spike Lee.

The Rolex Gallery

On the museum’s third floor, the modular exhibitions inside the Rolex Gallery are designed as singular journeys through different moments in film history. Visitors are plunged into the work and world of directors from around the globe. Installations in the central Stories of Cinema core exhibition reveal the many aspects of moviemaking – animation techniques, special effects, artists, history and social impact – through diverse voices that convey the magic of the big screen. The space also features an immersive multimedia installation specially created for the museum by legendary Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar.

In Inventing Worlds and Characters, visitors learn how artists and technicians develop elements that go into creating a film, from the initial idea to the final production. Models, costumes and animation celluloids are among the many objects on display.

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