The Ryder Cup features the greatest golfers from both sides of the Atlantic.

Led by experienced captains who put team spirit above all else, 12-player ensembles from Europe and the United States compete over three days for the coveted Samuel Ryder Trophy. This unique competition honours the collective, with some of the finest champions in the game channelling their special talent for the greater achievement of the group.

The Trophy

Which nation plays the best golf? That was the question that sparked a friendly match between British and American golfers almost a century ago. Present that day, businessman Samuel Ryder was so enthralled with the event that he decided to deliver a trophy for a regular competition. In 1927, the two teams reunited in Massachusetts for the inaugural contest. The rest is history. One of golf’s most coveted prizes, the Ryder Cup enshrines the traditional values of excellence and fair play that are the essence of the sport.


At the Ryder Cup, the greatest champions from Europe and the United States compete for team glory, respect and to make history. Individual excellence alone cannot secure success so players pool their skills to determine which side of the Atlantic takes the honours in this esteemed golf competition contested every two years.

Team Spirit


With the crowd filling the grandstand, the noise, the anticipation and the nerves, the first tee at the Ryder Cup is a stage unlike any other in international sport. Each edition of the most exciting team event in golf attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators on course and millions of television viewers worldwide. Played over three days the competition is always intense, raising the passions of players and fans alike as the drama unfolds.


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