Lindsey Vonn is a US World Cup alpine ski racer, known as one of the most successful skiers in the world. Her ability to ski was suddenly at risk in 2013 when she injured her knee, which caused her to miss a full skiing season and the Olympics in Sochi. Although it was a devastating blow to her career, her fearlessness and perseverance turned this obstacle into what she considers her biggest strength today. It was during her recovery that Lindsey got her Rolex as a reminder to never give up.

Skiing is like nothing else on earth. I love it. I think everyone should at least try it once in their life. At the top of a mountain, I feel free, it’s my home. When I’m racing, it’s all instinct.

I’ve always been a fearless person and I definitely think that’s given me a big advantage in my career as a skier. I’m never afraid to go faster; I’m always pushing myself to the limit.

I’ve had a lot of injuries in my career, but it was my mother who told me to never give up. She had a stroke while giving birth to me and almost died, but she never complained about anything. I think that if she can overcome that, then my injuries are nothing. My setbacks and my injuries have made me a stronger person.

I wear it as a reminder to never give up.

I got my Rolex after I recovered from my second knee surgery. It was a dark period, but the watch signified to me that I had come back, that I had made it, that I’d overcome the biggest hurdle in my life and that I wasn’t finished yet. I wear it as a reminder to never give up.

It shows me that I can do anything I set my mind to. Even though I’ve achieved a lot in my past, I know that I have so much more to accomplish in the future. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in my life, but in the end I’m always giving my best and that’s what makes life special. It’s not just about the wins, it’s about the adventure.

I have always felt like I had a certain fate in my life and no matter what happened I believed I would eventually get to where I needed to go. I think that I was put on this earth to be a ski racer and once I have accomplished everything I can in my sport, I will move on to trying to help other girls accomplish their dreams as well.


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