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The Spirit of the Rolex Deepsea
The dial of the new Rolex Deepsea celebrates one man's journey to the deepest place on earth. Discover the Spirit of the Rolex Deepsea.

Rolex Deepsea
with D-blue dial

The Oyster Perpetual

Commemorating James Cameron’s historic solo dive. From brilliant blue to bottomless black, its two-colour gradient dial celebrates one man’s journey to the deepest place on earth: the bottom of the Mariana Trench.


Blue luminescence

Feature of the Rolex Deepsea

The innovative Chromalight display on the dial pushes back the boundaries of visibility in dark environments. Its distinctive blue glow lasts up to twice as long as that of standard luminescent materials. The zero marker on the bezel, in the form of a triangle, is also visible in the dark reaches of the ocean thanks to a capsule containing the same luminescent material.

Helium escape valve

Helium escape valve

This safety valve patented by Rolex in 1967 acts as a miniature decompression chamber for the watch and is essential for deep saturation diving.


Helium escape valve

Feature of the Rolex Deepsea

Professional divers heading for the surface after a deep saturation dive must spend time in a decompression chamber, where they breathe a gas mixture containing helium. The tiny molecules of helium, an extremely light and non-volatile gas, infiltrate everywhere in the chamber, also penetrating the watch.

During decompression, the helium is unable to escape from the waterproof case quickly enough, creating a pressure differential that could force the crystal out of the watch case. Rolex engineers created a gas escape valve fitted with a spring: it opens when the difference in pressure between the inside and outside of the watch reaches 3 to 5 bars, allowing the helium to escape, without compromising the waterproofness of the watch.

Ringlock System

Feature of the Rolex Deepsea

The Rolex Deepsea owes its exceptional strength, waterproofness and pressure resistance to the exclusive Ringlock system. This innovative case architecture patented by Rolex enables the watch to resist the massive pressure exerted by water at the depth of 3,900 metres (12,800 feet), equivalent to a weight of approximately 3 tonnes on the watch. Its construction is based on three elements: a nitrogen-alloyed steel central ring forms the backbone of the system, accompanied by a 5.5 mm‑thick, domed sapphire crystal and a case back in grade 5 titanium.

Rolex Glidelock extension system

Feature of the Rolex Deepsea

The patented Rolex Glidelock extension system allows divers to adjust the length of the bracelet for a secure and comfortable fit over a diving suit, without using any tools. A robust toothed panel under the clasp cover provides an extension of up to 20 mm in 2 mm increments.

Rolex Glidelock
ro • lex • glide • lock
  1. An exclusive, easy-to-operate bracelet extension system for divers’ watches, patented by Rolex.
  2. Enables a fine adjustment of the bracelet of up to 20 mm in 2 mm increments, without the aid of tools.
  3. Allows the watch to be worn over a 3 mm diving suit.
  4. Seamlessly integrated into the clasp to combine reliability, aesthetics and comfort.
  5. Designed for professionals, useful for all.
  6. The Rolex Way.

The titanium case back

Feature of the Rolex Deepsea

The case architecture that enables the Rolex Deepsea to resist the colossal pressure exerted by water at great depths takes advantage of two surprising features. First of all, the strong titanium case back is almost imperceptibly flexible thanks to the natural qualities of the alloy, making it extremely resilient to such huge forces. Secondly, the water pressure itself forces the three core components of the Ringlock System, including the case back, tighter and tighter together as the depth increases, naturally reinforcing the hermetic seal of the case.


The Rolex Deepsea D-Blue Dial

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