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Rolex Sea-Dweller Watch - Rolex Swiss Luxury Watches

The Last Frontier

Style of the Rolex Deepsea

The robust 44 mm case in 904L stainless steel, thick domed sapphire crystal and unidirectional rotatable bezel with a 60-minute graduated black Cerachrom insert exude the purposeful character embodied in the name. It is the uncompromising divers’ watch, built for the darkest depths. A true Professional.

Ringlock System

Function of the Rolex Deepsea

Ringlock System

The Hyperbaric Tank

Function of the Rolex Deepsea

Helium valve
he • li • um • valve
  1. A safety valve that allows helium to escape from the case of a divers’ watch during decompression.
  2. Patented by Rolex in 1967, it was instrumental in unlocking new depths in underwater exploration.
  3. Without it, professional saturation divers in hyperbaric chambers would see the crystal of their watch pop from its case due to pressure build-up.
  4. First featured on the original Rolex Sea-Dweller, the standard issue for deep-sea divers around the world.
  5. Available today on the Rolex Deepsea and Sea-Dweller 4000 models.
  6. Designed for professional use in the most extreme conditions.
  7. The Rolex Way.


Function of the Rolex Deepsea

The innovative Chromalight display on the dial pushes back the boundaries of visibility in dark environments. Its distinctive blue glow lasts up to 8 hours with a uniform luminosity throughout, practically twice as long as that of standard luminescent materials. The zero marker on the bezel, in the form of a triangle, is also visible in the darkest reaches of the ocean thanks to a capsule containing the same luminescent material.

The Titanium Case Back

Function of the Rolex Deepsea

The case architecture that enables the Rolex Deepsea to resist the colossal pressure exerted by water at great depths takes advantage of two surprising features. First of all, the very strong titanium case back is almost imperceptibly flexible thanks to the natural qualities of the alloy, making it extremely resilient to such huge forces. Secondly, the water pressure itself forces the three core components of the Ringlock System, including the case back, tighter and tighter together as the depth increases, naturally reinforcing the hermetic seal of the case.


Spirit of the Rolex Deepsea

In 1960, U.S. Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh and Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard forever raised the bar for marine exploration by piloting the bathyscaphe Trieste to the deepest point in the world’s oceans, Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. When they surfaced from
the historic dive to a depth of 10,916 metres (37,800 feet) in the Pacific Ocean, the submersible was carrying an experimental Rolex watch,
the Deep Sea Special, attached to the exterior.

It was in perfect working order, the only watch to have successfully been taken so deep in real-life conditions: an achievement that cemented Rolex’s expertise as the pioneer and leader of the waterproof wristwatch.

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James Cameron

Spirit of the Rolex Deepsea

"The Rolex Deepsea Challenge was the reliable companion throughout the dive; it was visible on the sub's manipulator arm and working precisely at 10,908 metres down at the bottom of Challenger Deep. It's a tremendous example of engineering know-how, and an ideal match for the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER submersible."

National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence

under the Pole
by Rolex

Spirit of the Rolex Deepsea

Rolex Sea-Dweller Watch - Rolex Swiss Luxury Watches

Extension System


GlidelockExtension System
3135 Movement

3135 Movement


Rolex Deepsea watch e-Brochure


The Rolex Deepsea

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