Oyster Perpetual

GMT-Master II

GMT-Master II
GMT-Master II

Highlighting our connection to the world

Allowing its wearer to track the progress of time in another time zone, the GMT‑Master II highlights our connection to the world. It is now available in two new versions – 18 ct yellow gold and yellow Rolesor – with a Cerachrom bezel insert in grey and black ceramic, an entirely new colour combination.

Exemplary craftsmanship is borne out by the choice of materials and precision of the finishes, which come together to show the watch in its best light. The harmonious contrast between the gleaming gold of the Jubilee bracelet and the two-colour bezel with its dark, muted tones evokes the path of the sun and the alternation of day and night.

GMT-Master II ambiance

When matter brings light

Cerachrom bezel insert

With its iconic bidirectional rotatable bezel fitted with a two-colour, 24-hour graduated monobloc Cerachrom insert, the Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II is recognizable at a glance.

24-hour hand

The GMT-Master II allows the wearer to read the time in two time zones simultaneously by means of the conventional display and the arrow-tipped 24-hour hand.

On the new versions of the GMT‑Master II, this hand, like the hour markers and the other three hands, is made from 18 ct yellow gold, providing an elegant contrast with the black lacquer dial.

24-hour hand
Desert autoplay

Gold and Rolesor

The 18 ct yellow gold that adorns Rolex watches is created and cast in the Manufacture‘s own foundry.

Jubilee bracelet

The new versions of the GMT‑Master II are fitted exclusively on a Jubilee bracelet.

GMT-Master II ambiance
New model
  • GMT-Master II Rolesor
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  • Gold GMT-Master II

With its latest creations, Rolex demonstrates its perpetual pursuit of excellence.