At Rolex we want to ensure that your watch performs as well throughout your life as on the day you bought it.

All that is needed is to give your Rolex just the smallest bit of care.  A Rolex that is worn every day requires little looking after.  You just have to make sure to screw down the crown tightly to ensure its waterproofness, after you wind it up manually, reset the time or change the date.


When you wear your Rolex daily, you don’t need to wind it. If you take it off and set it aside, the watch will retain its “charge” for two days or more, depending on the model. However, if you haven’t worn your Rolex for more than a couple of days and the watch has stopped, we recommend that you manually wind it when you set the time before putting it on.

Caring for your Rolex


Every Rolex is subjected to a stringent set of tests to ensure its precision and reliability. Our confidence in our ever-stricter quality assurance allows us to set a new standard in watchmaking: all new Rolex watches bought as of 1 July 2015 now come with an international 5-year guarantee. Watches bought between 1 July 2013 and 30 June 2015 have all had their guarantee extended to 3 years.

Five year Guarantee


When the time comes for servicing your Rolex, our network of Official Rolex Retailers is truly world-wide, so no matter where life takes you in the decades to come, you know that you can rely on the best care for your watch wherever you are.

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