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The Rolex Experience

The Rolex Experience is an exhibition and sales space, of a unique nature, allowing visitors to better appreciate the century-long history of the brand and to immerse themselves in its universe of quality, expertise and commitment. It is also a platform to provide a humble demonstration of the brand's superiority; to explain and share Rolex philosophies, through a gradual and logical immersion into the brand.

The Rolex Experience


The Rolex Experience

Imbued with history, the classic atmosphere of the House of Roosevelt on the Bund contrasts with the view of Pudong. An ideal environment for hosting The Rolex Experience, an invitation to discover the magic and majesty of the prestigious watchmaking company through a fascinating, interactive experience.

The Rolex Experience - The House of Roosevelt on the Bund
The Heart of Rolex

The Heart of Rolex

The Rolex Experience

Visitors need only pass through the crown to enter the realm of Rolex, a world that subtly combines past, present and future. The panels light up as visitors walk by, screens come to life at the flick of a finger, the watch discloses its innermost self and its tiniest mechanisms: here everything is designed to move, amaze and interest the visitors.


The Heart of Rolex

Rolex Heritage
Rolex's production site

Four sites for Perfection

The Heart of Rolex

Next in the exhibition, visitors are invited on a virtual trip transporting them from Shanghai to Switzerland, home of Rolex. A four-phase journey. A visit to the brand's production sites. Throughout this journey, the satisfaction of work well done, rigour and precision accompany every touch, at every site, at every instant. At Rolex, perfection is synonymous with passion.

The Rolex Way

The Heart of Rolex

The Rolex Oyster adventure - The Rolex Experience
Rolex Oyster movements


The Heart of Rolex

The Pulse of Rolex

The Rolex Experience

Here, the pulse of Rolex beats to the rhythm of China. In a dynamic and evolving space. The place is alive and lends itself to multiple functions. It was designed to accommodate thematic temporary exhibitions, to receive partners and celebrated personalities from the worlds of culture, sport or exploration, and also to host exclusive presentations of the brand's most recent models.

The Rolex Experience space in Shanghai
The Rolex Experience space in Shanghai

The Gallery

The Rolex Experience

A mellow setting and soft lighting. A sense of calm, elegance and refinement, everything converges to create an unhurried, relaxing atmosphere. In The Gallery, visitors discover multiple facets of Rolex today – over 200 exceptional timepieces. Each of the Rolex models is presented in the context of its own particular universe, sporty or elegant, which underscores through powerful evocations the multiple facets and functions of the watch.

Visit us

The Rolex Experience

1/F, No.27 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road
Huangpu District
Shanghai 200002, China

For information or to book a visit, please contact (021) 3330 0091.

The Rolex Experience access map
The Rolex Experience Day-Date 40


The Oyster Perpetual

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