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Rolex Care Buying a Rolex

Rolex Official Retailers

Trying on a Rolex

New and genuine Rolex watches are exclusively sold by official Rolex Retailers. With the necessary skills and know-how, they warrant the authenticity of your Rolex and ensure that it enjoys a five-year international guarantee. The network of Official Rolex Retailers covers more than 100 countries around the world.


Experiencing a Rolex

Trying on a Rolex

At Rolex we are proud of our work and we believe that nothing beats experiencing first-hand the meticulous details, the balanced weight, the comfort and simply the feel of a Rolex. With the necessary knowledge, skills and technical know-how, official Rolex retailers are best suited to guide you through the range of available models, advise you on all the technical aspects of our watches and help you make the choice that will last a lifetime.

Presentation Box

At the moment of purchase

Every Rolex is delivered in a beautiful presentation box that is both protector and keeper of the jewel that nests inside it. As the presentation box is also a symbol of giving, it is important to us, if you are purchasing a gift, that the recipient’s first contact with their Rolex sets the stage for revealing what lies within.

Rolex Watch Box in Leather
Fitting a Rolex Pearlmaster Watch

Fitting the watch to your wrist

At the moment of purchase

Official Rolex Retailers have the expertise and tools in-store in order to adjust the bracelet or strap of your watch to the perfect size and to maximize your comfort. On metal bracelets, they will be able to add or remove any links as necessary and will place any excess links in your presentation box.

Five Year Guarantee

At the moment of purchase

Only your Official Rolex Retailer can place a guarantee card inside the box that certifies your watch’s authenticity. All new Rolex watches have an international 5-year guarantee, issued by Rolex itself, that will be completed and dated by your Official Rolex Retailer at the time of purchase and registered with Rolex.

Rolex Warranty Card
Rolex Perpetual Watch Rotor

Powered By You

A living "heartbeat"

The “heart” of a Rolex, its movement, is powered by you:  as you move your wrist throughout your day, the Perpetual rotor inside the watch gently swings, transferring energy to the mainspring of the watch, providing a constant and stable power source that regulates the timepiece.

Tuned to You

A living “heartbeat”

At Rolex we prize the accuracy of our watches and perform the most stringent tests on each and every one of them to ensure their precision in real life usage. Your Rolex’s “heart” will be influenced by your unique lifestyle; if at any moment you want to optimize the performance of your watch, your Official Rolex Retailer will gladly test its accuracy and, if needed, finely regulate the balance wheel to make sure that your Rolex is uniquely tuned to you.

Caring for your Rolex

Caring for your Rolex

A Rolex lasts a Lifetime



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