Jennifer Tipton & Sebastián Solórzano Rodríguez

Mentor & Protégé, Theatre

“Light is volume,” says Jennifer Tipton, who believes that mentors can have a lifelong effect. “I’m curious to learn about Jennifer’s creative process… how she enters into discussions with directors, actors and dancers, says her Mexican protégé Sebastián Solórzano Rodríguez.

Jennifer Tipton

The mentor

Hailed as “the world’s most remarkable creator of lighting”, American Jennifer Tipton has made significant contributions to her profession over nearly 50 years of lighting theatrical, dance and opera productions. She is currently principal lighting designer for the Paul Taylor Dance Company and works frequently with the American Ballet Theatre. A long‑serving adjunct professor of design at Yale, Tipton has influenced a generation of lighting designers.

Sebastián Solórzano Rodríguez

The protégé

Using painting and experimental cinema as references when he designs light, Mexican lighting designer Sebastián Solórzano Rodríguez, 28, has created stage lighting for the Centro de Producción de Danza Contemporánea (National Contemporary Dance Company of Mexico) and Luz Y Fuerza: Cine Expandido (Expanded Cinema), an interdisciplinary group he co-founded; that makes hand-made light devices for art installations and live cinema performances.