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Since 1976, the Rolex Awards for Enterprise have recognized 130 pioneering individuals whose projects benefit their communities and the wider world. The Awards support groundbreaking work in science and health, applied technology, exploration and discovery, the environment, and cultural heritage. In 2009, the Rolex Awards were expanded to include Young Laureates, aged between 18 and 30, whose innovative projects are helping to tackle today’s challenges.

Rolex Laureates
Awards for Enterprise


2014 Young Laureate, Exploration and Discovery

Italian Francesco Sauro is exploring the vast quartzite caves of South America's fabled table-top mountains - tepuis - in Venezuela and Brazil, making discoveries of unique worlds that have evolved in isolation over millennia.


2014 Young Laureate, The Environment

Olivier Nsengimana, from Rwanda, is promoting breeding programmes and the release of his country’s captive, endangered grey crowned cranes. The iconic bird, a symbol of wealth and longevity in Rwanda, is a victim of its own beauty, and is often kept as a pet.

Awards for Enterprise
Awards for Enterprise


2014 Young Laureate, Science and Health

Neeti Kailas aims to vastly increase the screening of newborn babies for hearing loss, through an inexpensive, easy-to-use device, and to set up an associated network of health-care professionals in India who can diagnose or treat deafness.


2014 Young Laureate, Applied Technology

Arthur Zang from Cameroon has invented what is believed to be Africa’s first medical tablet, the Cardio Pad, which will allow health-care workers in rural areas to send the results of cardiac tests to heart specialists via a mobile-phone network.

Awards for Enterprise
Awards for Enterprise


2014 Young Laureate, Science and Health

Hosam Zowawi is developing rapid tests to detect and identify antibiotic-resistant bacteria, now considered a global threat to human health. He also plans a regional public campaign warning of the dangers of the overuse and misuse of antibiotics.

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